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Meet changemaker Kwamara Thompson — an educator, entrepreneur and edtech consultant. Working across the country, she is constantly striving to amplify the Black voice and elevate the Black community. Her company, TEC (Thompson Education Consulting), has helped numerous organizations in several ways

Laura Schwab accused Rivian of a misogynistic culture that marginalized women in a lawsuit recently filed in Orange County Superior Court. Rivian is working on a totally electric pickup truck — and competing with Ford, Tesla and General Motors to mass-market it. Schwab

Her nonprofit, which offers educational and mental health services — with a tech component — recently earned her an award from a former President

It may have taken a virtual dance "strike," but TikTok finally got the message. Its latest move to give Black creators the respect they've been asking for is the creation of a new diversity and inclusion position.  TikTok hired Shavone Charles

After the U.S. military's withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the Taliban taking over, Afghanis have been fleeing their country in droves. Since January, more than 550,000 Afghans have been forcibly displaced, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency. Many of the team at

Will be Free for Users and Lets Them Get Paid for the Use of Their Data, Anonymously.  inter-TECH-ion intern Penelope Rivera wrote this article

When Trayvon Martin was murdered in 2014, it elicited a flurry of responses in the Black community. Protests, calls for justice, grief, and a call to action. The call to action was heeded by the late rock star, Prince, and Van

The founder of a platform that connects early-stage investors, accelerators and founders with one another to enable access and transparency to venture capital. Alifya Valiji is one of more than 50 under-represented entrepreneurs who comprise Visible Hands’ first fellowship program.

A venture matching program is expanding into Orange County. The SoCal Venture Pipeline started in LA County, and then expanded to Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. Now, it’s seeking to identify under-invested founders across OC as well. See article on the

Look for the Company to Open a Seed Round of $2M Later This Year. inter-TECH-ion intern Penelope Rivera wrote this article

Cal State University Fullerton received the largest donation in its history — $40 million — based on its commitment to educating students who come from communities that have been chronically underserved. The gift was given by philanthropist MacKenzie Scott — the

A Muslim and a Jew — Both Game Developers Themselves — Build a New Paradigm for Game Developers Around the World **inter-TECH-ion intern Penelope Rivera wrote this article** The political framework of the Middle East has been fraught with tension and volatility

Tiny homes are one of the hottest trends in the affordable housing market. A new startup is taking this trend to an extreme by manufacturing tiny modular homes, to be placed in existing property owners' backyards. Boxabl lives up to its

This was written by an employee at Virtasant, who prefers to remain anonymous. Virtasant is a global tech company that moves companies’ data storage to the cloud and then helps to manage and optimize their cloud accounts. It was three months

In partnership with dot.LA, inter-TECH-ion is publishing this article, written by Ben Bergman

Helping women and other minority entrepreneurs is a big part of the Octane Foundation for Innovation’s newly-released initiatives. Octane is a multi-faceted organization in Orange County with a long-time accelerator and a new venture fund, among other endeavors. It's also one


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