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About Us

inter-TECH-ion™ is the next iteration of OC Startups Now, which originally launched in early 2018.


While the original independent news website covered startups and innovation in OC and the greater SoCal area, inter-TECH-ion is doing deep reporting dives into issues at the intersection of tech and social justice. It remains an independent news website, run by award-winning journalist, Deirdre Newman. She was so catalyzed by the events of 2020 concerning public health, racial justice, economic inequality, etc, that she was inspired to pivot the website to explore how tech can aid and accelerate social justice.


Content includes:

– original reporting

– curated content from around the interweb

– and opinion pieces


While there are tons of media websites run by professional journalists covering tech and startups — as well as other blogs and newsletters run by investors and cheerleaders, on local, regional and national levels — inter-TECH-ion is the only website doing the valuable work of exploring how tech can really help accelerate social justice. This website reports on issues to inform, to provoke and to foster a dialogue about tech + social justice. 

The founder is Deirdre Newman, a professional, award-winning journalist, with a passion for innovation and social justice.


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