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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

From MIT Technology Review…. On the evening of Wednesday, December 2, Timnit Gebru, the co-lead of Google’s ethical AI team, announced via Twitter that the company had forced her out. Gebru, a widely respected leader in AI ethics research, is known

AI has permeated all aspects of our lives. And continues to do so. Yet, while this powerful tech has been around for a while, there's still no universal framework or guidelines governing its use and ethics. In the meantime, there’s a

Good Growth Capital is expanding its reach into Southern California now, with the addition of Krisztina Holly as a partner. She grew up in LA and has been living here for 15 years as an adult. She just led the firm’s

This was written by Andy Wilson, executive director of the Alliance for SoCal Innovation: Many of us know that SoCal has a diversity advantage through its breadth of people, industries, and technologies. I like to say that our diversity is our

Diversity is the buzzword these days, and rightfully so, as more and more key players in the VC industry honor it. Here are the thoughts of key leaders in OC about diversity in VC. Okapi Venture Capital in Newport Beach. One

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