*PARTNERSHIPS: OC Startups Now is part of Countywide Branding Effort

Trying to brand OC to appeal to a wide swath of people can be extremely challenging. That’s why there’s never been a moniker that encompasses the business side of OC, like “Silicon Valley,” or the lifestyle side of OC like “Surf City,” which Huntington Beach has already laid claim to.

While there have been efforts over the last few decades to come up with a catch-all moniker, a recent effort decided to invert the paradigm. Instead of looking for a label to slap onto OC, a group of key players decided to ask those who already live here what they love most about it.

In this way, they create a vision for what can be, not a moniker that may outlive its usefulness, like “Silicon Valley” already pretty much has.

EnvisionYourOC was created to showcase the opportunities that are available in OC for career, enterprise and lifestyle.

A consortium of companies and individuals asked residents to share what they love most about OC and why they believe it’s the perfect place to make a life and “change the world.”

Companies and individuals that worked on this effort include the Irvine Co., OCTANe (a tech and life sciences accelerator in Aliso Viejo) and Doug Wilson, chairman of the CEO Leadership Alliance.

If you are considering moving to OC for business or personal reasons, this group hopes you will use this site to envision your OC future in the heart of SoCal.

OC is centrally located beween LA and SD. And, its startup ecosystem is thriving!

OC Startups Now is honored to be listed on the Resources page of EnvisionYourOC, as a vital resource for those who are already involved in, or would like to be involved in, OC’s startup community.

About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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