NEWS: Fighting the Coronavirus with Tech. These Companies Have Gone Through Octane’s Launchpad Accelerator…

This article profiles Octane LaunchPad alums that are doing their part in the fight against the coronavirus. LaunchPad is Octane’s accelerator. These companies could use investment and exposure, so please share this article! This was written by Cara Davidoff, Octane’s director of marketing…

Aescula Tech

CEO: Niki Bayat

We are currently gearing up in response to the hand sanitizer shortage and will be putting our chemistry skills to work to manufacture and distribute to the LA community. We have already gone through the necessary regulatory and prep work and are excited to help de-throne coronavirus. We will be distributing to high-density and at risk communities so that we can help flatten the curve.

Aequor, Inc.

CEO: Marilyn J. Bruno, Ph.D., J.D

Our health approach to this and other crises: we are working with a major international airport and others on the use of our superior surface cleaners to prevent the spread. These contain ingredients that are EPA-approved and use commercially available chemicals that unlike what is on the market and only lasts until the next contact, lasts over 48 hours.

Gynisus LTD

Founder and CEO: Hila Freidmann

We have created an infectious disease monitor to support medical centers to handle the Coronavirus situation. Through this tool, we provide in-depth and precise epidemiological investigations to the hospitals and medical centers. These real-time and continuous reports are providing the hospitals the direct and indirect exposures to minimize the exposures and making wise managerial and clinical decisions. On top of this information, we provide the severity of illness per patient and connect it to the projections of the hospitalization time, the number of beds in the ICU, etc. so that they will be able to be prepared and minimize the risk. This system is working in New York. We are now working with other medical centers around the world to implement it there.


CMO: Alan Young

GYANT is on the forefront of the response, by helping with patient education, navigation and risk identification for COVID.  Please see the links below to learn more about what we are helping with. Our tool is free for public use at, and open to anyone to experience.


CEO: Jack Sayage

We have been doing our part by developing some model calculations that we believe are much better than what you are reading in the press and also overcomes shortcomings that the so-called experts are doing. This is not a business venture, but rather a public service.


CEO: Riam Shamma

Acquired the COVID-19 virus and will be delivering a vaccine for clinical trials in the next few weeks.


CEO: Carole Sumner Krechman

We have an initiative way to educate consumers around the world with basic ways to be safe in your home and in the work environment, is video form on our platform.  We are planning on 50,000 free downloads on Google and Honeywell beginning next week.


CEO: Dave Barton

With optometry offices closing we are helping optometrists and their patients shop online. We are now talking to the largest private equity groups right now, as well as independent offices. We are helping them stay in business and consumers get access to glasses without in person contact.


CEO: John Burge

Software solution to help companies more efficiently connect and gather the data they need to review critical information to make decisions on the COVID19 virus.


CEO: Todd Watts

We are sending all PatientFi customers hand sanitizer that’s made in a compound pharmacy in bulk.


CEO: Patrick Salome

Although we aren’t manufacturing medical equipment or engineering vaccinations, we are donating both our proceeds and our IP to help with fundraising efforts. We’re currently speaking with some government agencies but would love to help local OC government to fundraise through the general public as well.

SMS BioTech

CEO: Abdulkader Rahmo

SMSbiotech is currently working on a therapeutic for COVID-19.

Smudge Labs

SVP Product Development, Smudge Labs: Kolhane Grooters

Creating interactive training tools so that hospital staff can virtually train on ventilators and other equipment being training staff cannot travel at the moment. With all the needs and influx of new equipment intuitive easy to use training is critical.

Synova Life Sciences

CEO: John Chi

The mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that we can get from fat are known to have immuno-modulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.  There are a couple of recent studies done in human patients showing that the MSCs can mitigate the severe respiratory distress in COVID-19, calming down the cytokine storm that leads to respiratory failure with the virus.  We’ve been reaching out to some hospitals about doing clinical trials with some of the acute patients – any intros you have along those lines would be greatly appreciated!

Willowglade Technologies Corporation

President & CEO: John Papandrea

Building a telemedicine module to market that will help with this.


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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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