NEWS: SD Startup Offers Its Enterprise Software for Free to Those Helping In Fight Against Coronavirus

A startup that helps helps organizations tap into their unused compute capacity is offering its software for free to any company that’s directly engaged in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Kazuhm team, with HQ in SD, has been “in awe of the people and organizations across sectors who have been coming together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic,” Board Chairman Andreas Roell told OCSN.

Kazuhm had been hearing from the scientific research communities, universities, manufacturers, and supply chains — that the fight against coronavirus is driving “unprecedented demand” for additional compute resources, Roell said.

Kazuhm can immediately increase the application processing and storage capacity for those organizations, without interrupting their current processes and workflows. These companies are typically not using 70% of their compute capacity. With Kazuhm, they typically don’t have to spend more money on additional equipment or the cloud.

Specific groups that may need our help at this time include:

– University, government, and private industry research teams developing vaccines or therapies

– K-12 school systems and universities transitioning to online learning

– Manufacturers changing over their production lines to build respirators, masks, and other in-demand items

Sign up for the free offer here.

Kazuhm was incubated by Analytic Ventures, a venture studio fund dedicated to new ventures that use AI. Roell is a managing partner of that fund in SD.


About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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